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Independence and Employment during COVID

2020-07-02T08:21:48-04:00July 2nd, 2020|Categories: Today at Living Resources|

It has been a memorable Spring for Maurice Vanness, who resides in one of Living Resources residential homes and receives supported employment coaching. Working with his employment Coach, Maurice has been a valued employee of Hannaford Supermarket on Wolf Road for nearly 20 years. During his time with Hannaford, he learned to navigate and manage his commute utilizing the Star bus system, plan his daily activities, and accomplish his many job related challenges. This year certainly presented Maurice with challenges like no other. In order for Maurice to continue to work at Hannaford, he had to agree to strict guidelines at [...]

Independence takes Teamwork!

2020-06-30T08:50:49-04:00June 30th, 2020|Categories: Today at Living Resources|

Kevin Steitzer, a graduate of the College Experience and his Career Counselor, Frank Padula are a solid team. Frank started working with Kevin in 2018 when he was a Dietary Aide at the Teresian House. Frank supported him in many ways during this job, but it became evident that it was Kevin’s dream to work with animals. Knowing that it was an important part of Frank’s job to advance Kevin’s career, he worked with Kevin to help him secure employment at the Guilderland Animal Hospital. Kevin soon realized that this job was not the best fit for him, so they moved on [...]

Independence Through Education

2020-06-29T11:01:33-04:00June 29th, 2020|Categories: Today at Living Resources|

Sonia DeByle’s ambition to learn to be more independent drew her to Living Resources' College Experience Program, where she is currently a freshman. Having been declined acceptance to other college programs, Sonia cried tears of joy when she read her acceptance letter. In her words, “I was so excited and could not believe it.” Although she enjoys all her classes, Sonia particularly relishes those that concentrate on life skills, which will lead to her goal of living on her own. Sonia thought it might be difficult to meet new people, but soon found herself attending events and learning about the many [...]

Be Yourself Be Confident!

2020-06-11T17:44:32-04:00June 11th, 2020|Categories: Today at Living Resources|

Emily O’Hearn, Art Director of Print Services for the American Marketing Group recently spoke with and provided her expertise to our College Experience Employment Class.  Emily has a wealth of experience having been in the graphic design industry for seven years. She shared a wealth of advice for the students as they begin their internships, including; “be yourself, be confident.  Know that it is alright to make mistakes.  Everybody is growing and everybody is learning.  If you do not like where you are and you do not like the job you are in there are people to help you reach goals.  [...]

Meet Stephen!

2020-04-24T20:21:21-04:00April 24th, 2020|Categories: Today at Living Resources|

Meet Stephen, one of the newest members of our Ulster County Day Community Opportunities Program. Stephen is non verbal and although he attends DCOP's daily zoom conferences, he could not join in conversation with his peers. So the instructors thought outside the box to create a platform that Stephen could participate in. Instructor Cassie Stevens led an art workshop drawing members of the police with assistance from staff Jason Wilson. This gave Stephen the opportunity to truly be a part of the group.  His mother forwarded this picture to show how happy and engaged he was throughout the entire session as well as the art he [...]


2020-04-24T20:06:57-04:00April 24th, 2020|Categories: Today at Living Resources|

Friday is Game Day at #LivingResources! Every week, our Clinical Services department has been hosting virtual games including Jeopardy and BEAT SHAZAM. For anyone who doesn’t know about BEAT SHAZAM, it’s an interactive music game where the players listen to a few seconds of a song and then guess the song name when given multiple choice options. They even get bonus points if they can name the artist. Everyone enjoys dancing and singing along to the clips, proving that laughter is great for the mind and spirit!

Innovative “Selfie” Class

2020-04-17T11:35:12-04:00April 17th, 2020|Categories: Today at Living Resources|

While New York is on Pause, Diana Halstead, College Experience and CareerNext Admissions Coordinator developed a new class for our students to attend virtually.  Diana has a sociology degree and students had requested a photography class. With the help of internet resources, Diana was able to combine both subjects to launch a unique class called, "Selfie Photography" that the students are taking through Zoom while home with their families. To keep students engaged in learning, Diana provides activities and encourages students to make a hobby out of taking photographs during their free time. There are lively discussions about social media and [...]