Creativity – and feelings of joy – were in full effect at a poetry slam, put on by the Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) in Rensselaer County.

Program participants were invited to write their own poems and read them aloud to their peers.

Dillon Morgan’s prose deeply touched those in the audience:

Smiles are like sunshine
Warm and Bright
Smiles make everything feel alright
Here with my friends is where I like to be
Smiling at you, cause you’re smiling at me

“This poem stuck out to me,” shares Amanda Doty, manager of Rensselaer DCOP, “I think it’s a great example of how kind and loving our participants are and how important the bonds made at day program can be.”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on paper and out loud, Dillon! We hope you are always surrounded by the smiles that bring you so much happiness.

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