Corporate Compliance Plan

Living Resources’ Corporate Compliance Plan acts as a baseline for all compliance activity throughout the organization. This plan consists of compliance policy and procedures that provide direction to our administrative staff in monitoring compliance. Such policies include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Procedures for reporting non-compliance
  • Investigation & correction of reports of non-compliance
  • Disciplinary process
  • Code of Conduct
  • Conflict of interests
  • Documentation and billing reviews/audits
  • Staff training and education
  • False Claims and Whistleblower protections
  • Document Retention

What Would You Like To Talk About?

Whatever the topic or issue – you should know that I am here for you. My name is Joe Morelli and I am the Compliance Officer for Living Resources. You may remember me from your orientation or from stopping in time-to-time at your program sites. You should also know that I live and breathe in the neutral zone! I have no attachment to any particular department and I promise to keep your conversations in a confidential manner.

I want to hear how you are doing out there. I’ve been a member of the Living Resources family for 29 years and I know that I can help you with whatever concerns you might have, no matter how small or large. Only you and your peace of mind matter to me.

What would you like to report?

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No Fear of Retaliation

Employees of Living Resources can be well assured that there will be no reprisal or retaliation of any kind when presenting problematic situations to the CEO or any other member of the administrative or management team. It has been the philosophy of the agency and its leadership to encourage the presentation of problems in order that the agency may gain knowledge & insight – thus creating opportunities to make improvements that will lead to better quality care of our consumers. The definition of Corporate Compliance is: building a corporate culture where regulatory compliance is part of the ordinary course of business. In short – HONESTY.

Notice of Privacy Practices

This Notice of Privacy Practices describes the privacy practices of Living Resources and the privacy rights of the people we serve. It will describe how information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Reporting Non-Compliance

The purpose of reporting non-compliance is to provide employees with a means to communicate needs, concerns and or any other problematic issue to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Compliance Officer as deemed necessary. To learn more about what non-compliance means and the procedure of reporting non-compliance click the link below.


Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you. Here’s how you can reach us …

Joseph Morelli

Assistant Corporate Compliance Officer