The Residential Program provides support to individuals living in a variety of settings. Staff support varies from 24/7 to as little as two hours a week based on individual need and ability. Our residential sites offer a home environment, while also providing group learning experiences and development of skills in daily living. In addition, our residential program assists individuals with accessing community services and recreational activities. There are a few different types of residential sites:

Supervised Individual Residential Alternative (IRA)

The Supervised IRA operation is based upon a plan specific to each of the individuals and their needs. The plan includes the level of oversight and support needed for the individual while in the home and community. There is 24 hour a day support in our 40+ IRAs across Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Westchester counties.

Supervised Individual Residential Alternative House One
Supervised Individual Residential Alternative House Two
Supervised Individual Residential Alternative House Three

Supportive Individual Residential Alternative (IRA)

The Supportive IRA provides residential services and support to individuals residing in their own apartment. In this program, the individuals receive between 2-15 hours of staff support per week. Individuals residing in our Supportive IRA program must be able to independently recognize an emergency and contact emergency personnel (agency and non-agency), administer their own medications, utilize community transportation, and manage personal funds. To learn more about supported living options, click here.

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Director of Residential Services