Living Resources offers a broad range of community-based supports and services to the brave men and women who served in the armed forces:

Wounded Survivor Painting by Sharon L. Price, U.S. Air Force
Wounded Survivor“, Painted by Sharon L. Price, U.S. Air Force

Arts Program

Living Resources provides weekly arts instruction to veterans. Through artistic achievement and expression, veterans develop meaningful, post-service roles and identities. Their work is reflective of their pride in service, commitment to excellence, strength, and unique experiences adapting to civilian life.

Community Involvement

Living Resources proudly supports and utilizes veteran owned businesses to support our operational needs. We actively recruit veteran volunteers, donors, and board members to help ensure that our services are worthy of our veterans. Members of Living Resources Day Programs for people with TBI and Developmental Disabilities actively participate in community events and activities that support veterans through fundraising and volunteerism.

Employment Resource

Living Resources is a Veteran friendly employer and encourages Veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces to join our team of SuperHeroes! Click here to search for available positions.

Specialized Traumatic Brain
Injury Services

If you are a Veteran who has suffered a traumatic brain injury (in or out of the line of duty), we provide comprehensive treatment programs and support services. We also host a variety of structured group discussions including Injury Acceptance Maturation, Family Matters Support, Men’s and Women’s groups. We are here to help!

Group Photo of Living Resources' US Military Employees

Living Resources’ U.S. Military Employees

(pictured left to right) Joey Jaquez, Army; Michelle Wolcott, Navy; Jeremy Davis, Air Force; Jonathan Parsons, Marines

Living Resources Member Veteran Mike Majors

Meet Mike Majors

Mike was a petty officer third class in the Navy on an Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East from 2008 to 2012. His service took him around the world, most notably to Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Dubai, and Afghanistan. Mike’s injury was caused, not by his service, but the re-entry from the service into the civilian world. When discharged, he had hoped to settle down with his girlfriend, get married, buy a house and open a restaurant. Instead, he returned to find his girlfriend pregnant and engaged to another guy. Distraught, he found himself in a downward spiral of drinking and smoking heavily, which led to a stroke. He sees irony in this, saying, “After all the hardship I went through in the military, getting my heart broke was the thing that broke me.”

Mike came to Living Resources shortly after his stroke, participating in many of the programs designed to assist people in their recovery from their traumatic brain injury. He now considers himself a “graduate” of the program, but still enjoys coming to the office on Fridays to catch up with his friends over an informal brunch. He volunteers at an after school program run through the Salvation Army, preparing meals for children so that they can return to their homes well-nourished in body and spirit. His newest goal is to get his driver’s license.

Outreach, Assessment, and Advocacy

Living Resources works with the veteran to identify needs, maximize access to benefits, and make referrals to other community providers and/or government agencies.


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