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Providing Excellence in Self-Direction Services for Families across the Capital Region

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Family and Child Service, an affiliate of Living Resources, has a team of highly trained FI professionals who will work with you to understand your needs and connect you with the supports that best fit your goals.

Through our many years of experience in working within the disability community, you can rely on us to provide you with brokers who will meet and exceed your expectations.

Person centered self-directed services is the key to our FI model. We focus exclusively on creating a unique and individualized plan of support. We take the time to listen and understand each of your goals and then design a circle of support for you that will lead to goal achievement.


Our advanced technology and easily accessible team members make getting continuous support simple and fast! Do you have a question or need support? We are here for you, no waiting!

Collaboration is a core value for us. We will work seamlessly with your care manager to ensure continuous communication, active participation in planning and service delivery, and coordination toward mutually agreed upon goals.


“Self-Direction has been a good fit for my 10 year old daughter with autism. We have been working with our team/circle of support for almost a year and have been satisfied with the program. In the beginning of the process I was nervous and a little overwhelmed. I liked the way our team supported me and my daughter. They were patient and willing to explain the process. The flexibility of the program has allowed us to cover the cost for classes, respite, and transportation. We are looking forward to hiring our own staff in the near future. It is important that my daughter works with someone she feels comfortable with. We are looking forward to learning more as time goes on.”


“We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Self Direction program through (Living Resources’ affiliate) Family and Child Service. This program connects us with government agencies, the local community, and dedicated staff, as well as other families and parents. Not only do we receive support when needed, but we also have the flexibility to choose the specific support tailored to our child’s special needs. We are happy to see our child’s smile, particularly when she’s in her cherished classes.”

The Qi Family

At the of our Self-Direction Services is YOU!

By joining our Self-Direction family, we ensure you remain connected with everything Self-Direction through One Point of Entry.

We Bring Value to YOUR Self-Direction Services

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We can provide services for YOU immediately

Currently there is NO WAIT LIST. We have immediate openings and look forward to meeting with you today! We are here for you. Let’s create a partnership and get moving through the Self-Direction Process NOW!

Low Fringe Rates benefit YOU by offering more service opportunities

Lower Fringe Rates in Self-Direction are important because the individual can use more of their available funding for increased services when the Fringe Rate is low. This is important in maximizing the impact of available funds.

Preferred Brokers, Care Managers, Providers

We have worked to develop important partnerships with the many parts of the Self-Direction Circle of Support. This includes preferred brokers, care managers, and providers. We work together to collaborate and design best practices around Self-Direction.

Expert leaders in Self-Direction Services

Our leaders work collaboratively with regional providers to ensure a smooth delivery of supportive services.

Our leaders have active, working relationships with state liaisons and key community stakeholders including many OPWDD service providers. These relationships are important because they allow us to create robust life plans, be strong advocates, access services to address family needs quickly, and allow us to assist individuals in reaching their unique life goals.

Dynamic Community Collaborations Offer Value

As part of the disability community for many years, we have developed vital strategic partnerships with organizations, businesses, agencies, non-profits, and service providers. These partnerships will help ensure that you are provided with the very best support network.

Online, web-hosted solutions make working together easier and more efficient

Through our new eVero technology, we will be able to provide individuals and families an online technology that makes submitting documentation, communication, and navigating services even easier and more efficient.

You Have Questions – We Have Answers!

Each graphic below is interactive and offers you more information.

Establishing Self Direction Services

We make establishing Self Direction Services EASY! Click the image to download a PDF for your information

Who is My Circle of Support?

Learn more about YOUR Circle of Support

Self Direction Program Model

Learn more about our Self Direction Program Model

Self Direction Roadmap

This document will guide you through important questions to ask your Fiscal Intermediary

Four key questions you should ask your Broker

Learn the most important questions to ask your broker


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John Breitenbach

Director of Community Living