Living Resources is dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities or other life-challenging conditions to live with dignity, independence, and happiness. Our single goal is to make sure each person continues to grow to their fullest potential, to pursue happiness in the manner they determine, and live as independently as possible. At Living Resources, we have a fundamental belief that growth and happiness are unique for each individual.

Most people in the community are surprised to hear that we have over 850 staff members and provide a wide range of services to more than 1,900 families and individuals helping them to reach new levels of independence. I am honored to lead a staff that see the strength, capability, and potential in the individuals we serve.

We are honored and proud to share the stories of thousands of individuals with disabilities who have had their eyes opened to their own personal growth potential. Individuals such as Adam, Jenny, Rich, Henry, and Karen.

Over 15 years ago, Adam moved from a group home to his own apartment, got a full time job, and achieved a leadership position with the Statewide Self-Advocacy Association. Jenny moved from a state institution to her own apartment, got a job, and developed a love of animals, especially for her two cats. Rich moved from living with his parents to a small residence and started a budding career as an oil painter. Henry graduated from our College Experience program and was recently named Employee of the Month at a local bank. Karen entered our program several years ago with a two-on-one aide, she now works for us with her one-on-one aide, managing our token economy store.

Living Resources has great programs, dedicated staff members, amazing individuals, and a well-represented dedicated community board of directors. You can keep up with us through agency updates and our newsletter.

Thank you for visiting our world and we hope you will want to find out more about programs, products for sale made by persons with disabilities, employment opportunities, special events, or how you can join our Living Resources family by supporting our events, providing employment opportunities or goods and services, donating your time, and/or contributing financially.