The Living Resources After School Program extends Mags’ day of learning.  She enjoys music and dance and bowling and loves cooking – this is a great skill for life. Most days, when we ask Mags what the best part of her day was, she says ‘after school program.’  What can make a parent happier? Knowing that Mags is in a safe environment, having fun and learning life skills makes us very happy

Jane & Michael Perotti, parents of Margaret (pictured)
Living Resources Member Mags Having Fun in Adventure Program

The primary focus of the After School Program is to help children and adolescents develop social and recreational skills. We do this by providing participants with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities, such as:

  • Field Trips

  • Museum & library visits

  • Bowling

  • Arts and crafts

  • Baking and cooking

  • Indoor and outdoor games

  • Holiday activities

The After School program provides supervised recreational activities to students at six program sites throughout the Capital/Saratoga Region.

Children and teens in the ASP enjoy a variety of activities, and look forward to the opportunity to socialize with their peers after their school day.

Parents of kids in the ASP enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when they are unable to be present, a dedicated staff of skilled adults is ensuring the safety of their loved one.

Adventure Program Power Puff Girls Face Paint
Living Resources Christmas Party
Living Resources Member Using a Laptop

We are grateful for the After School Program! It is a safe, reliable, and fun way for my son Joey to hang out and have a good time after school until I am done with work, and honestly a godsend for us. He loves his staff. The freedom of doing things in the community without family makes him feel like a ‘big kid.’

- Tami Furlong, mother of Joey (pictured)
Living Resources Member Joey in After School Program


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