Saratoga County participants in the Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) are birds of a feather, in more ways than one! Two activities planned in recent weeks were each based around different kinds of fowl.

First, they gathered at Gavin Park in Wilton with bird seed, peanut butter, and the cardboard rolls for a simple, sustainable craft project. They spread the peanut butter onto the roll, then coated it with seeds. An attached string allowed them to hang these handcrafted bird feeders from trees, offering up a scrumptious meal in exchange for a chance to do a little bird-watching. Everyone enjoyed being outside in the nice weather and helping their friends with feathers!

Next, DCOP extended that generosity to local Jeep-drivers! The birds in this activity were made of rubber. “Jeep Ducking,” or “Duck, Duck, Jeep” is a trend where passersby leave rubber ducks on any Jeep they spot. It’s all about spreading kindness and fellowship among enthusiasts for the auto brand.

“We had such a fun time surprising Jeep people with little rubber duckies,” says Vinessa Schliecker, Assistant Manager of DCOP in Saratoga County, “Not only was it a fun activity, but very engaging. Everyone got in a lot of steps without realizing it. Win, win!”