“When women support women, amazing things can happen.” ~ Viola Davis

The Supportive Living Program’s Women’s group began a few years ago to help women gather on a weekly basis for socialization and support. The plan was for participants to talk about day-to-day events from a woman’s perspective and encourage each other to live their best lives. Unfortunately, like many other things, the in-person Women’s Group was put on hold during the Covid 19 shutdown.

This summer, Alice, Christina, Jennifer, Jessica, and Megan were thrilled to hear that they could resume their small group meetings. They were so excited in fact, that they decided to take different trips around the Capital Region each week. In the month of October alone, they visited different parks when the weather was nice, went bowling during the chillier weather and even visited the Bard and Baker shop in Troy where they played board games and ate a delicious meal together.

This group so genuinely looks forward to being together, one individual has taken a STAR bus a few times just so she did not miss out on activities. Another woman graduated from the Supportive Living Program and is now part of a different program, but still takes part in the group whenever she can. These women know the truth of the Robert Ingersoll quote, “We rise by lifting others.”