Each year at our Annual Golf Tournament, our golfers have had the option of letting our guest “Student Drivers” hit their long drive shot for them. Tor Kronbichler, a 2019 graduate of our College Experience Program (CEP), has become a bit of a legend in this capacity. Those who have golfed with us before excitedly approached hole ten calling out to him, “Are you going to hit for me?” Newcomers had their doubts, challenging “He talks a good game, but I doubt he can beat my shot.” Tor never ceased to amaze.

Tor learned to golf from his grandfather when he was in high school, and has brought his “A Game” ever since. And golf is not his only game. In high school he also swam and played baseball. He is currently involved in Special Olympics teams, playing softball, basketball and floor hockey.

Tor likes talking about his College Experience, happily recalling his time living in the CEP dorm, making strong friendships with his fellow classmates, and learning the skills necessary to live independently. He paused at the idea of naming a favorite class saying he liked all his classes, but after some thought, unsurprisingly, his most memorable class involved physical activity. He said his bus training class alternated with sports.

Bus training was certainly useful for Tor who now rides CDTA daily to his part time at job at Dicks Sporting Goods in Crossgates Mall. During the Coronavirus shutdown, Tor was out of work for a few months and used the time to go home to Rhinebeck, NY to visit with his family. He is now back in the Capital Region, working his regular shift at Dicks. He says his favorite part of the job is enjoying helping the customers.