Employment is a necessary key to accelerate down the road toward independence.

Several honored guests recently shared their knowledge, tips, and strategies for success with Living Resources College Experience Employment Class. During these ZOOM educational sessions, our students were provided with insight into a variety of occupations.

Tom DeByle, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for NN, Inc. Mr. DeByle shared that he has an accounting degree and has held a wide variety of jobs that have taken him throughout different parts of the United States and all over the world. While he travels extensively for his work, he considers his family to be the most important members of his “Board of Directors.”

Tom stressed the importance of being on time, suggesting that the students set their watches 15 minutes ahead. “If the meeting starts at 10:00 AM and you are there at 9:46 AM, you should consider yourself to be one minute late.” It reminds us of the expression, “Early is on-time, on-time is late, and late is unacceptable!”

Mary Beth Czubay’s career path changed from her original dream of fashion design. Today, Mary Beth is a published author and currently works at Arnold Chevrolet. Mary Beth shared that, “Sometimes you plan things, and your life’s opportunities change these plans.” She discussed the importance and benefit of mastering many skills on the job in order to be a versatile employee. This allows her to help others with their jobs if they are overwhelmed or behind. She also advised our students to be team players and to try not to be idle at work.

Mary Beth said that people need to have a strong work ethic and willingness to take responsibilities for the inevitable mistakes that are a part of life and employment. She emphasized the importance of having a life outside of the workplace that is fulfilling. “When I come home from work I like to turn it off. When I am at home, I am home. I enjoy grilling and catching up on the day and lighting a fire or sitting at the pool. It is all about getting my head out of work and reconnecting with the family.”

Brian O’Hearn, is the Nursing Supervisor at Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin, New Hampshire. His passion for nursing was nurtured by his aunt and grandmother who are also nurses. Throughout his career, Brian has learned many lessons that have helped him in his journey. For example, at his first job as a dishwasher at Howard Johnson’s, he learned to think one step ahead so his team could work efficiently. He carried this lesson into his nursing career.

Like Mary Beth, Brian spoke about the idea of making mistakes, adding that admitting a mistake is a sign of a really good employee. He said, “I have made small ones and big ones” and that “if you have made a mistake, there is a good chance that other people have made the same mistake too.”

Finally, Brian gave advice regarding job interviews. He said they may be asked about their values, suggesting they talk about the importance of trust and integrity. He advised the students to give open and honest answers, saying it is important to have a good, honest dialogue. He noted they should wear clothing that fit the position they are seeking and be well-rested before the interview. It is normal to be nervous and the people who are interviewing you will understand that.”

We are most thankful to these and other guests who took time out of their busy schedules to mentor our College Experience Students. The sharing of their experiences and insights has been a treasure for this generation of employees!