I was not sad for summer to end because it meant school started back up for me. I loved Halloween as a little kid because that meant you got to dress up and be in a Halloween parade for school. I loved to watch the leaves change colors. I helped my mom rake the leaves. I even helped with decorating for Halloween. I helped pick the bad and dead vegetables. It has never snowed on Halloween.

I think back in 2005 it snowed on Thanksgiving. I played in the snow all day long. I would jump in the leaves and run around in the leaves. It doesn’t exist for me anymore. There are going to be some places you can’t go. I love the Pine Bush Preserve, but I won’t be in program for it this year.

I think that Day Light Savings is something we should keep because it tells us what season it’s becoming. I like to go to Golden Orchard because they have the best apples.

Stephanie Myers -DCOP Participant