“The show must go on” is an expression as old as time and applies even to times of a pandemic. Certainly, modifications must be made in order to ensure safety of the thespians, but with creativity, their talents can be allowed to flourish.

Our 2018 College Experience alumnus, Nick Williams engaged in his first Zoom performance with his peers at the Blue Horse Repertory Company (www.Bluehorserepertory.com). Nick helped perform the scenes from, “Revolutionary Road” and “Thor Ragnarok.”  Nick was challenged to further hone his already impressive acting talents for this performance. He developed his improvisational skills for some spontaneous moments in both scenes and even learned an Australian accent for his part in “Thor Ragnarok.”

Over the years, Nick has received personal advice from the Hollywood character actor Bruce Altman and he attended performances in New York City with the neurodiverse theatre company, EPIC Players. We look forward to more performances from Nick in the future!