Whether it was a celebration of spring, birthdays, both, or something else entirely, no one really knew, and it honestly didn’t matter. If there’s one thing that the staff and participants of Living Resources’ Acquired Brain Injury Program (ABI) have learned, it’s that life is short and you never really need a reason to have fun.

All program participants have suffered brain injuries at some point in their life due to accidents and/ or medical emergencies. They came to Living Resources ABI program to establish meaningful post-injury roles and relationships, overcoming their obstacles with the support of fellow survivors. While we offer care coordination, life skills training, fine arts instruction, and more, most participants take particular delight in the social events that take place in the community because it is here that they can put their hard work into practice in a festive environment.

They gathered at the Draper Avenue VFW for what was officially called a “Spring Fling,” greeting friends, family, and friends who are like family with handshakes and warm embraces. With tunes played by a D.J. and the music of laughter in the background, they enjoyed a late-day meal of chicken, hearty salads, vegetables, and more, followed by a dessert of a beautiful birthday cake. Of course, those with recent or upcoming birthdays were called up to the front and serenaded with the traditional birthday song. Afterward, everyone took the opportunity to dance the night away.

On a side note, May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and nothing is better for a person’s mental health than a good party. As our partygoers will tell you, preparations for the event (and the good vibes that come with them) started well in advance of the actual date. Staff and participants invited their guests, selected their dressy attire, prepared food, chose decorations, and even bought and wrapped party favors. The good times they spent together certainly helped replace stress and anxiety with feel-good hormones.
So if the dreary weather of the past week has you down, consider learning a lesson from our ABI staff and participants and plan a party. You’ll be glad you did!