Our Day Community Opportunities Program invited all Living Resources staff to send each other tokens of comfort and joy this season in the form of Candy grams. Staff from all departments were invited to send hand-written greetings to their co-workers. Then, our ever-innovative DCOP Super Heroes guided their participants in the process of creating cheerful holiday crafts with candy attached.

These gifts were cheerfully delivered by eager elves in the week leading up to Christmas. Once such elf, Maria (pictured) was thrilled to be able to make the rounds and looks forward to the next opportunity to spread a little happiness.

One of our staff members, Lisa, even ordered a Candy gram for her son, Joe, who lives in one of our Residences. She said, “We decided to display the adorable snowman DCOP made along with the printout of the Holiday card from me and my husband to Joe by placing in a frame hanging in Joe’s bedroom. We thought it looked so nice and wanted to share.”