When the folks at Site-Based Day Habilitation in East Greenbush realized they had extra supplies left over from weekly cooking group, they knew just what to do! They went around the building and asked if anyone wanted to make cookies and James, Corey, Nicole, Danny, Ace, Tracy, and Miguel all happily agreed to take part in this fun activity. After the volunteers put on their gloves, they got to work, rolling out the dough and placing it on baking sheets.

They made enough sugar and chocolate caramel cookies for everyone in the building to have one. “They were excited,” shares Deborah Stanfield, Assistant Manager at the site, “Who doesn’t like cookies?”

At Site-Based Day Habilitation, efforts are centered on enriching individual’s lives and helping them achieve their goals. Recreational activities, like cookie making, are focused on fostering community inclusion, social integration, individuality, and productivity. Click here to learn about everything our site-based day habilitation program has to offer.