Richard has been part of the Living Resources family for fifteen years. His favorite activity is volunteering with his Community Habilitation staff at the Animal Protective Foundation (APF) in Glenville NY. He has been doing so for a very long time, May 2014 according to Richard, who has a particular skill for remembering dates.

Prior to the pandemic, Richard helped close the APF shelter on Thursdays, and also came Saturday morning to participate in dog training classes. During the early part of the pandemic, in-person Community Habilitation support of individuals with disabilities was suspended. Richard said he missed spending time with his friends at the APF, those with and without fur.

When he returned to the APF, he was given exciting news! He was promoted to a new role of Kennel Cleaner at the Spay and Neuter Clinic. According to Volunteer and Operations Manager Hannah Deraway, this role is essential to the operation of their clinic. “Without kennel cleaners, Vet staff would not have time to outcome patients and also be prepared for another day of surgeries. Richard learned his new duties quickly and picked them up right away!” When asked how it felt to receive his promotion, and he said “Happy!”

Richard had been doing a fantastic job in his Thursday role, not only feeding dogs their dinner, but cats as well, and helping us check on pets at the end of the day.  It was clear Richard was ready for his next step! His positive, warm and welcoming attitude is appreciated by staff and clients alike.

Richard’s uplifting attitude is infectious to others. We thank Richard for his volunteerism and congratulate him on his recent promotion.