Joe recently celebrated his 26th Birthday and his Super Hero Staff threw him an amazing party!  Things used to be different in previous years. His parents, Lisa and John used to celebrate at Joe’s residence by having a group dance party in the living room followed by food and cake in dining room. But now, with the house’s pandemic safety guidelines in place, they can only stay in the house entrance way, Joe’s bedroom or backyard.

This called for the family and staff to come up with a different plan. Although Joe’s father John was out of town on business, his mother Lisa arrived early to spend time with Joe in his room. According to house guidelines, she opened his presents with him and helped him dress for a dinner party with his housemates and staff.  It was a comfort for Lisa knowing that she could participate in the day in some fashion. She said, “It was a different kind of birthday, but still wonderful.”

Since John was unable to participate, the very thoughtful staff sent them pictures of Joe later that night as well as a video of everyone singing Happy Birthday. Lisa said, “We felt like we were there. That really meant so much to us!”

Now, since John left the state on business, he and Lisa will need to wait to see Joe again in person until they each get back a negative COVID test. In the meantime, they are relying on Zoom to keep the family connected.

Lisa summarized with praise for the residential staff who are caring for her son, “I just wanted to let you know how awesome our staff are and how much they care about our individuals and families!”

Update: Quarantine complete and negative test results were received. John and Lisa are excited to be able to once again visit.