Living Resources’ core purpose is to support and empower individuals with disabilities or other life-challenging conditions to live with dignity, independence, and happiness. Growth and happiness are unique for each person and at Living Resources, we offer a supportive environment that allows individuals to meet and exceed their personal goals.

Our more than 850 Super Hero staff members provide a wide range of services to more than 1,900 families and individuals helping them to reach new levels of independence. Each day is a success here at Living Resources and each one of our individuals’ accomplishments are celebrated and make us proud to be a part of the Living Resources family.

Our services are individualized and offered in a variety of settings from 60+ residential housing arrangements, site-based services, college programs; day opportunities, arts, community volunteering, supported employment, afterschool programs, counseling services, and so much more. 

Total Number of Families and Individuals Served
Hours of service are provided weekly
1.1 million hours provided annually
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Like the Super Hero he illustrated, Tyler Cronk is going places. Cronk, who has an Autism diagnosis, started participating in Living Resources’ Art Program 20 years ago and now works here full time as part of our communications/development team. In early 2020, the team collaborated to create a tee-shirt design for Living Resources participation in the CDPHP #WorkforceTeamChallenge. Tyler jumped into the project with zeal, incorporating the suggestions of his team together with his own signature flair. The design was ready to submit to the printer when the COVID pandemic erupted and the race was put on hold. Tyler is thrilled that, after two years, the design will be worn by his nearly 40-person team at the race which will take place tomorrow evening at the Empire State Plaza. He said, “It’s actually a really big honor. It’s really validating that my talents are being put to good use.”Living Resources CEO Elizabeth Martin, states “Tyler is a valuable member of the Living Resources family and the development team, he not only brings his creativity expertise to work each day, he brings his heart and smile.” Cronk, who graduated from Cazenovia College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and Animation, says that folks should not feel ashamed about discussing their Autistic Spectrum diagnosis. He said, “If anything it can be a blessing- people on the spectrum are often very creative. Hopefully talking about it sparks interest for more individuals on the spectrum to want to work in this field, to have their voices be heard, and make a difference.” After all, as he added, “Having a disability is really just thinking different. As long as you get where you need to go, that’s all you can do.The story of the long journey from artistic concept to tee shirt has an even happier ending. The Living Resources tee shirt won third place in the Workforce Challenge Tee Shirt Contest for “Most Motivational”! Cronk said, “That is so awesome that the T-Shirt design placed for an award! It was such a privilege to have helped design it, and to be a part of this great team and wonderful agency.”www.livingresources.org/going-the-extra-mile/ ... See MoreSee Less
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The Living Resources College Experience Alumni Activities Club recently took an exciting Yankee Trails road trip to Boston to visit the New England Aquarium. Together, they enjoyed an undersea paradise, witnessing exotic species of colorful saltwater fish, sharks, stingrays, and even penguins whose waddle disappeared as they swam gracefully in the water. They were thrilled when a bed of coral came to life before their eyes swaying along with the movement of its undersea co-inhabitants. One alumnus pointed out that one of the fish they saw in an exhibit was a Blue Hippo Tang, the same species as Dory from the Finding Nemo films produced by Pixar/Disney. The group even got up close and personal with some of the species in a shallow touch tank!While visiting the area, they also delved into the civil rights history at the Boston African American National Historic Site. Here, they felt the presence of civil rights heroes such as Harriet Tubman as they learned about Underground Railroad’s presence in Boston.After their adventures, they enjoyed a fun and delicious dinner at Quincy Market. ... See MoreSee Less
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May is #MentalHealthAwareness Month! Practice self care with us this week by following the prompts below! #InThisTogether #SelfCareMay;#MentalHealth2022 #LivingResources<image description: 7 Days & 7 Ways to Practice Mental Health Mindfulness Sunday: Have a 30 second dance party with someone you care about! Monday: Start your day by telling yourself "I am enough." Tuesday: Think of a happy memory! Wednesday: Look at something beautiful and examine everything about it. Thursday: Name 2 things that you are grateful for before bed. Friday: Cuddle with a pet or stuffed animal! Saturday: Talk with someone about how you're feeling.> ... See MoreSee Less
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