Living Resources is dedicated to providing life enhancing services to individuals challenged by intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as those who are brain injury survivors. Growth and happiness are unique for each person and at Living Resources, we offer a supportive environment that allows individuals to meet and exceed their personal goals.

Our more than 850 Super Hero staff members provide a wide range of services to more than 1,900 families and individuals helping them to reach new levels of independence. Each day is a success here at Living Resources and each one of our individuals’ accomplishments are celebrated and make us proud to be a part of the Living Resources family.

Our services are individualized and offered in a variety of settings from 60+ residential housing arrangements, site-based services, day opportunities, arts, community volunteering, supported employment, after school programs, counseling services, home support to families, and services to persons with traumatic brain injuries.

Total Number of Families and Individuals Served
Hours of service are provided weekly
1.1 million hours provided annually
Employees providing for your loved ones
Years of providing care and services


Looking for a career?#LivingResources will be at SUNY Schenectady County Community College's Virtual Career Services job fair tomorrow, May 6 from 10am - 12 noon. Can’t join us at the virtual event? Apply online: www.livingresources.org For more information, contact our Recruiter: (518) 429-8141 or email lisa.Razanousky@livingresources.org #careerpop #livingresourcesfamily #superheroesworkhere ... See MoreSee Less
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Spring Cleaning on a Spring Day!Saratoga County Day Community Opportunities Program participants Stephen, Katia, Crystal, Nate, and Bob took advantage of last week’s beautiful weather to perform some spring cleaning in the community with their staff Bill Artini. This program makes an annual effort to make their community better, but were unable to gather last year due to COVID restrictions. The group relished their time together. Bob Batchelder said "I am happy to be back in program and working as a team. " Nate Brown added "I am just so happy to help,"The beautification of their surrounding community was a wonderful experience for all. In addition to the satisfaction of a job really well done, each of the participants received a Stewarts Ice Cream card for their hard work.{Image descriptions: masked participants raking dry, brown leaves, bagging the leaves into tall plastic garbage bags, picking up trash with work gloves on their hands and posing for a photo six feet apart.} ... See MoreSee Less
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We are grateful to Stewart's Shops for their Holiday Match Grant supporting our art program! We are grateful to the Stewarts Foundation for their Holiday Match Grant supporting our art program! This donation allowed us to obtain computer tablets so our participants who struggle with isolation can participate in art instruction from their homes. We were also able to purchase additional art supplies for use in our studios to eliminate the risk of spreading germs through the sharing of materials. With this grant, we were able to purchase: Lenovo Tablets, Crayola Colored Pencils, Sharpie Markers, Ticonderoga Pencils.(image description: three photos. Sheila is wearing a grey fleece zip up sweater, glasses, and a blue patterned fabric mask. She is seated at a table in our Art gallery, creating a still life of yellow flowers on white art paper. There is a reference book before her, pencils, colored pencils and a ruler can be seen. In the center photo, Steve sporting a blue sweater with a bright yellow University of Michigan M on the left chest. He is also wearing a blue baseball hat with the yellow University of Michigan M, glasses, and a blue disposable mask. He is seated at a table in our art studio working on a portrait. He is using white chalk on black paper. Pencils and a reference book can be seen. In the photo to the right, Wynn is wearing a blue polo shirt, a grey zip up sweater, glasses, and a grey plaid fabric mask. He is seated at a table in the art studio developing a landscape. Colored pencils and large pink erasers can be seen scattered around the table before him. The three people are each seated in different locations in the studio as evident by the art work in the background.) ... See MoreSee Less
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