Living Resources is dedicated to providing life enhancing services to individuals challenged by intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as those who are brain injury survivors. Growth and happiness are unique for each person and at Living Resources, we offer a supportive environment that allows individuals to meet and exceed their personal goals.

Our more than 850 Super Hero staff members provide a wide range of services to more than 1,900 families and individuals helping them to reach new levels of independence. Each day is a success here at Living Resources and each one of our individuals’ accomplishments are celebrated and make us proud to be a part of the Living Resources family.

Our services are individualized and offered in a variety of settings from 60+ residential housing arrangements, site-based services, day opportunities, arts, community volunteering, supported employment, after school programs, counseling services, home support to families, and services to persons with traumatic brain injuries.

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Two of our College Experience classes advocated for equal employment for people with disabilities at a Rally held in the East Capitol Park of the New York State Capitol on October 20. They joined Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, Assembly Member Chris Burdick, Latoya Joyner New York Assembly Assembly Member Epstein Harvey Epstein, and others carrying signs declaring “Believe in the power of work,” “People with disabilities want to work,” “Realize my ability, not just my disability,” Equal Opportunities FOR ALL,” “Remove Barriers to work,” and, “Abled doesn’t mean enabled. Disabled doesn’t mean less abled.” The College Experience Media & Activities Liaison, Mr. Jesse Saperstein, who describes himself as an autism advocate and speaker with Asperger syndrome was invited to speak at the event. He gave a heartfelt and impassioned speech about barriers to employment for people with disabilities. We thank the Disability Rights Advocates for sponsoring this rally, which was held in just prior to a public hearing on Employment for People with Disabilities. #EmployAbility #NDEAM2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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Amy and Max are both graduates of Living Resources’ College Experience Program. Amy, who graduated in 2015, had a steady job working with children in an After School Program until COVID appeared on the scene in early 2020. Her unexpected furlough empowered her to try something completely new. Max, who graduated College Experience as an enhanced senior last year and is still receiving support from the program, is new to the supported employment scene.Both feel fortunate to be working at Sherman Specialties, a warehouse that prints messages on 3-Dimensional objects that are used as party favors and other “swag.” Supported by Living Resources job coaches, they work to fulfill orders by picking the needed boxes off shelves, opening them and removing items for printing. The customized items are then returned to them to be packed for shipping. Amy and Max both love the repetitive nature of their tasks. Amy, who has 22q Deletion Syndrome says that since she started this work, she has noticed a tremendous improvement in her fine motor skills both at work and at home. Amy and Max fit in beautifully to Sherman’s Specialties’ upbeat culture. They are not seen as individuals with disabilities, but equal parts of the team. Initially, they were assigned to work together to support each other in their employment journey. This extra level of reassurance wasn’t needed for long. Within a short time, they were so comfortable in their working environment that they branched out into separate responsibilities and shifts. Max said, “I like how friendly it is there. It doesn’t really feel like a job, just something I truly enjoy. Amy has developed a taste for the staff’s sense of humor. “Sometimes it takes me a little bit to realize they are joking, but then I get it,” she laughed.Most importantly, Amy and Max are essential to the success of the company. Amy said her team recently moved 450 pieces in one day, earning the gratitude of her coworkers. Afterward, she was proud of her contributions said, “I was so tired, in a good way, you know?”The collaboration between Living Resources and Sherman’s Specialties is a natural fit that works beautifully for all involved, and yet it almost didn’t come to fruition. Our supported individuals typically access CDTA buses for transportation, but Sherman Specialties is not on a bus line. This was not a problem since helping everyone out is a deeply ingrained part of their culture. Those at Sherman’s Specialties collaborated with our Supportive Employment team to create a plan: our individuals utilize the bus system to get to the Living Resources main office. They are then met by a Sherman Specialties employee who picks them up in the morning and drops them back off at the end of their shift. This creative problem solving is most appreciated by Amy, Max, and their families.#NationalDisabilityEmploymentAwarenessMonth2021 #EmployAbility #NDEAM2021 www.livingresources.org/team-players-at-sherman-specialties/ ... See MoreSee Less
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French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet said, “Art is a language, an instrument of knowledge, an instrument of communication.” Nick and Jackie, who have participated in Living Resources’ Art Program for many years, love to communicate themselves through art. With the assistance of Rebecca Peters, their Schenectady Studio teacher, Nick and Jackie are learning about creating a sense of depth in their art. The imagery seen below was made by through the use of colored pencils. The students applied many layers of colors to create shading and gradation. Nick created this work of three fish as part of his recent series of colorful detailed designs. Jackie’s drawing skills continued to grow throughout the pandemic by working remotely using Zoom. She has enjoyed experimenting with colored pencils and watercolors with great success, as you can tell by her amazing colored pencil drawing of this pumpkin.Living Resources’ dream to provide quality art instruction to artists with disabilities came into reality when our first arts center opened its doors in 1997. We now provide instruction in Albany, Schenectady, and Round Lake. ... See MoreSee Less
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