2020 College Experience alumnus Mark Panico is an animal lover at heart. He was placed in the purrrfect student internship at Pet Supplies Plus in Albany stocking shelves and helping customers to find products. Sadly, the beginning of the COVID pandemic marked the end of his internship, but his vocational management team kept in contact with the business throughout the shutdown. When a position became available in September, Mark was offered a permanent position and he was grrrateful  for the opportunity for real employment.

 Additionally, since Mark believes that purring is the loveliest mewsic of all, he sought out volunteer time with Kitten Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of abandoned and orphaned kittens, pregnant cats, and mother cats accompanied by their kittens.  Mark is responsible for making sure the kittens in his care enjoy a healthy and clean living space, and for assisting the site in finding loving families for them. The story comes full circle in that Mark’s assigned volunteer site happens to be at Pet Supplies Plus. You can visit him and seek out a new fur-ever family member each Monday afternoon.

We thank the great people at Pet Supplies Plus and Kitten Angels partnering with Living Resources Employment Services to make this a wonderful success story!

October is National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month! Living Resources’ Employment Program is excited to partner with a variety of businesses that hire individuals with disabilities, and assists individuals with disabilities pursue meaningful volunteer and career opportunities.

Our partners know that inclusion improves job morale and corporate culture, increases diversity in the work-place and helps give insight on how to better serve customers and employees with disabilities. To learn more about Living Resources Employment Services, or to join the Living Resources family of co-operating employers, visit our webpage: https://livingresources.orgservices/employment-services/