February is the time when many people travel from the cold Northeast to warmer points south, but for our College Experience freshmen, travel means something entirely different – Independence!

At Living Resources, our aim is for each person to continue to grow to their fullest potential, pursue happiness in the manner they determine, and live as independently as possible. One important path to independence is travel. Therefore, our freshmen class members learn how to utilize the CDTA bus transportation system to travel around Albany, first with staff support, and then, when they are ready, they take a “bus test” to travel independently. The students enjoy the fruits of their labors by taking a group trip to downtown Albany.

Canaan learned how to utilize the STAR bus system, saying, “I take the STAR bus to Bethlehem for my job at the IT department there. Personally, I did not know the STAR bus system and how it worked before, but now I know how it works and how to schedule my STAR bus on my own. I really appreciate the kindness of all of the STAR bus drivers which is amazing to see.”

A special thanks to our College Experience instructors and to CDTA for helping our students become more independent and learn the meaning of the phrase, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”