Sonia DeByle’s ambition to learn to be more independent drew her to Living Resources’ College Experience Program, where she is currently a freshman. Having been declined acceptance to other college programs, Sonia cried tears of joy when she read her acceptance letter. In her words, “I was so excited and could not believe it.” Although she enjoys all her classes, Sonia particularly relishes those that concentrate on life skills, which will lead to her goal of living on her own.

Sonia thought it might be difficult to meet new people, but soon found herself attending events and learning about the many clubs on campus. She now has many friends within the College Experience and the greater College of Saint Rose community. She is passionate about the college’s Dance Team and the music genre of K-pop, both of which she learned about from her best friend, Danielle.

Sonia and her peers are currently taking classes remotely from the safety of home. In her free time, she goes for a five-mile walk every day with her mom, practices yoga in her living room, draws, and plays with her English bulldog, Ruby. Sonia states, “The first thing I will do when the pandemic is over is give my friends a hug and go shopping at the mall. I will get a K-pop CD because I cannot think of a life without CDs.”

Sonia is thankful for all of her fellow classmates in the College Experience, the teachers, and all of the Zoom classes, and for the assistance from instructor Kelly Weiss. We wish Sonia the best of success until we all meet again!