Kevin Steitzer, a graduate of the College Experience and his Career Counselor, Frank Padula are a solid team. Frank started working with Kevin in 2018 when he was a Dietary Aide at the Teresian House. Frank supported him in many ways during this job, but it became evident that it was Kevin’s dream to work with animals. Knowing that it was an important part of Frank’s job to advance Kevin’s career, he worked with Kevin to help him secure employment at the Guilderland Animal Hospital.

Kevin soon realized that this job was not the best fit for him, so they moved on to search for new a work experience. Kevin expressed interest in working near his home, so Frank suggested a position at the Guilderland YMCA, which has been a great partner of Living Resources for many years. The Maintenance Director has been extremely welcoming and supportive. Kevin learned the tasks quickly and is a great addition to the maintenance staff.

When COVID-19 closed businesses, Kevin was furloughed. Frank began working with him in new ways through an expanded dialogue, communicating over the phone, and having very meaningful discussions. Frank has provided an outlet for Kevin to discuss his concerns regarding his job loss, making positive and productive use of his time, and providing areas for work performance improvement in preparation for his return to the YMCA.