If joy was a picture, this would be it! At Living Resources, we have a fundamental belief that growth and happiness are unique for each individual. Our single goal is to make sure each person continues to grow to their fullest potential, pursue happiness in the manner they determine, and live as independently as possible. For Kevin, who has been part of the Living Resources family for more than 20 years, happiness takes the form of music, particularly the drums, so it was not a huge surprise when he asked for drum lessons for his 2022 Christmas gift. He started learning to play shortly thereafter and is now experiencing the thrill of making music.

Even when not playing his drums, Kevin loves life! He is a jokester who loves to laugh, and when he gets going, it’s infectious for all who are around him. He is a very active, social guy—whether he is going to a movie, play, or musical, exercising at the YMCA, or just lounging home with tv—if you’re hanging out with Kevin, it’s sure to be a good time.

Living Resources’ Residential Program provides support to individuals living in a variety of settings. Staff support varies from 24/7 to as little as two hours a week based on the individual’s needs and abilities. Our residential sites offer a home environment, while also providing group learning experiences and the development of skills in daily living. In addition, our residential program assists individuals with accessing community services and recreational activities. To learn more about our residential opportunities, go to https://livingresources.orgservices/residential-services/