Our individuals who live at The Intrada in Saratoga had the opportunity to get their COVID- 19 shot this month. Manager Lindsey Ryan shared that the group was, “all very excited- a bit nervous, but overall excited to get the vaccine because they knew that it was going to keep them safe.”

All of the individuals said it didn’t hurt at all, and it felt just like getting the flu shot. People’s arms were a little sore the next day, but they were grateful that they were *finally* able to get vaccinated!

Toby Slyman said “I got my shot so that I don’t get sick. It’ll make me feel better. I think that it’s important to get it to keep myself and my loved ones safe.

Tina Harding agreed, adding, “hopefully things go back to normal soon.”

Katie Kelly concurred, sharing, “I work at Market 32 and I want to stay safe!”

We thank you all for doing your part to help stop the spread!