What do you do when there is a pandemic and you want to celebrate? You create a brand new style and celebrate safely!

Jessica, Jennifer, and Dubois are part of Living Resources’ Supportive Living Program and celebrated Thanksgiving together with their manager, Daryllyn. The day began by watching the Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Annual Dog Show. A great start to their day!

In keeping with a Thanksgiving tradition, during dinner they went around the table to see what everyone was thankful for this year. Jessica said she was thankful for not getting sick with Covid-19, her family being healthy, and being able to work despite the pandemic. She is glad to be able to make money and hopes to travel one day when everything opens back up again.

Jennifer said she is thankful for recovering from cancer a few years ago and not having to see so many doctors anymore. She is grateful that she is healthy despite the Covid 19 pandemic. She also is happy to have her cats with her while she waits for the state to open back up.

Dubois is thankful for staff coming in so they have a nice Thanksgiving and being healthy during Covid 19.

They all had a good time and stayed safe while gathering together. A special thank you to our Superhero staff that make a difference everyday!