The spirit of gratitude filled hearts and great food filled stomachs at the Brain Injury Program’s Annual Thanksgiving Celebration, held on Friday, November 17. Staff shared that the program is growing, and as socialization is a key component of the program, they were excited that more people than ever, came together to enjoy a meal.

Every seat in the cafetorium was filled with program participants, their family, friends, and Living Resources staff members. All of the classic Thanksgiving fare was accounted for, like turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. Some less traditional dishes, like deviled eggs, also made an appearance. Much of the feast was prepared by Living Resources staff, but participants and their families also brought dishes to share. Many provided desserts, leading to an impressive variety of pies to choose from.

One by one, participants in the program spoke before the crowd about what they are thankful for. Andrew says that he is thankful for his parents, and everyone who stayed by his side during the bad times. “With patience and understanding, I was able to get back on my feet,” he shared, “My ultimate goal is to go back and do what I was doing before I got sick.”

Other speakers shared how thankful they are for the doctors, service coordinators, and other people in their lives who helped them, in the wake of injury, get to where they are today. Jorelle is grateful for her family as well as all of the people she’s gotten to know through the Brain Injury Program. She says, “They are like my second family.”