Living Resources was thrilled to be on the honorary committee for The Pride Center of the Capital Region’s 2023 Gala, which took place on Friday, November 17 at the Franklin Plaza in Troy. Devena Pressram, Living Resources’ Assistant Director of Administration, and Jesse Saperstein, The College Experience’s Media and Activities Liaison, were there for all of the delicious food, music, and of course, drag entertainment.

The event was hosted by former RuPaul’s Drag Race contender Thorgy Thor.

Devena says the gala was inspirational, adding that, “Being present in a public setting where selfhood was highly promoted made me reflect on what we can do to replicate that here at Living Resources.” Both Devena and Jesse are part of Living Resources’ DEI Committee.

Jesse adds, “Attending the Pride Gala was an experience that I shall never forget and would happily welcome again! We have come a long way since the days when being ‘out’ was a certain lifelong sentence for ridicule, shunning, and even violence. At the Pride Gala, I learned that circumstances are still far from perfect, despite our progressive times. If people are still holding onto ancient prejudices, and toxic stereotypes, they should come to the party of a lifetime with the LGBTQ+ community!”

The gala attracted a sold-out crowd and all of the proceeds benefit The Pride Center of the Capital Region’s mission to create space and visibility for local LGBTQ+ folks of all ages as the oldest, continuously operating LGBTQ+ Community Center in the country.