Our Saratoga County Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) has been utilizing many of the great opportunities the Saratoga Spa State Park has to offer! The group took advantage of a free guided tour, experiencing the amazing sites and natural wonders of the park.

Saratoga State Park staff member Ken led a water tasting tour of the different mineral water spouts, sharing the history of the Park’s geyser along the way. The group was shown what poison ivy looks like and how to spot it, saying, “if it has three leaves, stay away!” They also learned that the water at the Karista Spring is good for your skin, but, as one participant put it, “it tastes pretty awful.”

The park is not just awesome on sunny days. Even when the skies turn cloudy and threaten to rain, this DCOP family states, “Do it the Saratoga DCOP way! The group created their own silver lining by making s’mores.”