Our Saratoga and Warren County Day Community Opportunity Program (DCOP) groups recently collaborated to hold a Field Day. They played numerous games, danced to music, and feasted on “make your own” ice cream Sundaes and S’mores. You know you’re having a great time when rain isn’t seen as a problem, but actually adds to the fun of the day!

The DCOP is a “without walls” program offered throughout the Capital/Saratoga Region, as well as Taconic and Hudson Valley, for adults 18 years and older. Individuals in the program participate in a wide variety of activities/experiences and skill-building classes throughout the communities in which they live. These experiences include cultural and artistic pursuits, volunteer opportunities, and recreational activities. Skill-building classes include, but are not limited to: art, computer instruction, cooking, money management, reading, travel training, and a variety of social skill-building classes.

DCOP participants develop essential and practical life skills that promote independence through volunteerism, education, and enrichment activities. The DCOP has created an environment that fosters community inclusion, self-sufficiency, and self-advocacy for its participants.