The Alumni Activities Club felt like they were visiting Princess Elsa of Arendelle during their recent visit to the Ice Castles exhibit in Lake George. Frozen fractals abounded in the form of countless icicles, creating a fantastic feast for the eyes. Denise and Jessica chose a day with absolutely perfect conditions for their adventure – the sky was a fierce blue and the temperature remained in the mid-twenties all day long. Although that may seem a bit chilly, warm weather and the melting that follows is the enemy of this massive ice structure. The cold didn’t bother them anyway.

Although there are days when we all want to fast-forward to springtime, our Alumni Activities Club hopes to embrace the beauty of winter as though they are walking through the enchanted wardrobe into snow-bound Narnia.

They hope to seize the remainder of the season by going ice skating and perhaps doing some winter hiking at the Pine Bush Preserve. The options for activities are endless in the northeast. As Princess Anna said, I never knew winter could be so beautiful!”