Participants in the Rensselaer Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) are stepping, twisting, and grooving into happiness by taking part in a monthly class at Fancy Feet Dance Studio in Troy!

It started with an idea from Amanda Doty, Manager of Rensselaer DCOP.

“I had posted on a few local Facebook pages a few months back, looking for sites and activities for our participants,” she explains, “Amanda Durst, the owner and director of Fancy Feet reached out to me and offered to do a dance class, free of charge, once a month.”

Participants have shared nothing but glowing reviews from their first few sessions.

“I watched as Amanda Durst taught them with kindness and patience,” shares Amanda Doty, “I watched the participants try their hardest to pay attention and follow her lead. It was an amazing thing to see.” She says one participant came up to her and said “I’m so happy to be doing dance class!”

“At Fancy Feet Dance Studio we believe that dance is for everyone, says Amanda Durst, “We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all dancers to creatively express themselves. The benefits of dance are many- from building coordination, strength, and cognitive abilities, to building overall confidence, socialization, and having fun! Fancy Feet is delighted to be able to host these dance classes with The Living Resources community.”

The smiles on everyone’s faces and the joy on display through their moves tell the whole story. We thank Fancy Feet Dance Studio for partnering with us to make this class happen! If you want to learn more about DCOP, click here: https://livingresources.orgday-community-opportunities-program-dcop/