Al was excited to attend morning Yom Kippur services recently. A longtime member of both the Living Resources and Congregation Gates of Heaven families, Al explained that in the Jewish faith, Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement- a day set aside for repenting and forgiveness of sins. It made him feel great to be able to practice his religion, particularly on such an important holiday. He said. “I like going there because I have a lot of friends. Everyone is very nice and Rabbi Matt is also very nice.” He said he felt sad when COVID prevented him from attending services in person but he felt better when he could go again.

His staff Melanie was happy to facilitate Al’s faith journey, saying, “This was a new experience for me today as I am not Jewish. I found it very interesting and spiritual. I was glad to be a part of making him happy.”

Although Al goes to the synagogue regularly, he is looking forward to the next holiday, Hanukkah, which is in December. “I have a menorah. I light it every day of Hanukkah and then pack it away for next year.”

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