The participants of our Day Community Art Program’s Creative Writing Group met weekly at the Pine Grove Methodist Church prior to the pandemic, and although meeting in person ceased, they continued sharing writing prompts and support online. Writing has been an important tool used by the participants  to help get through the pandemic. They particularly enjoyed sharing their thoughts about Earth Day!

Vinique Genre, the newest member of the group, wrote, “If the Earth could talk it would say that we should take better care of it so that it doesn’t get upset or abused. It should be treated how we like to be treated. My favorite springtime activities are going fishing and walking my dog.  We all should find an eco-friendly way of getting from point a to point b without using cars or other unhealthy transportation. I walk home from work instead of getting a ride in a car. There should be a ban on smoking cigarettes that adds to our unhealthy atmosphere.

We should have more drinking cups and utensils made from corn.  We also should cut down the water we waste, and we should use things that are more eco-friendly. We should all switch to solar panels for electricity. We have to cut down at least 17 trees in order to make toilet paper and that is not a suitable habit. We should instead use eco-friendly ones.

Danielle Livingston wrote, “Earth Day is very important to the earth because trees give off oxygen.  Personally I enjoy the springtime and being outside, in general.  My favorite outdoor activity is hiking.  I love going to different trails to hike, and I disagree with littering because it’s not good for the earth.  Being outside is helpful for those who are struggling because it gives a distraction to what is stressful to a person.

I’d rather be outside than being inside. Yesterday I walked by a tree that had flowers that blossomed.  The last time I walked by that tree they didn’t blossom yet.

Flowers in general are beautiful.  I actually studied flowers in high school.  Although I don’t have a legit favorite flower, it’s because I enjoy them all equally.  Each flower is different, but did you know that some only come around yearly?  Some can last in the wintertime.  Some even come from European countries.  Tulips have a fragile stem that breaks very easily.  You’re probably thinking, “Whoa!  I didn’t know that.”  I truly paid attention during my floral design class, although I didn’t make a career out of it.  I purely enjoy nature itself.  Nature isn’t something to take advantage of because we’re lucky we have clear air and beautiful nature.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have clear air where they live.  I think we should all take better care of the earth”

Stephanie Meyers shared, “In eighth grade we had a Garden Club that we would help plant and water the flowers. Every Tuesday and every Thursday, we would meet out by the barn to get the supplies to plant seeds and flowers. I liked doing this because I knew I was helping the community out by doing things in the garden at school.  I was with my Aunt Tabby, and we planted seeds of vegetables. I love helping the Earth by reusing the same water bottle. I recycle to help the animals in the ocean. I am very helpful when it comes to Earth Day by picking up the trash and using less water. Use less lights when you don’t need them.”

We end our celebration of Earth Week with the following writing piece by Jesse Saperstein. “Earth Day should not just be on April 22nd.  It should surely be embraced every single day of the year.

One day of society doing the right thing with planting trees and picking up litter is just not enough. Some things are making a turn for the better, and it makes me smile. Many restaurants have stopped putting straws in beverages without our permission. There is less Styrofoam. Furthermore, plastic bags seem to be a thing of the past within New York State at supermarkets. But one day is surely not nearly enough.

In my fantasy world, everything that could not be reduced, reused, and recycled would be banned. Anything that could not be converted into its former product after use would at least find its way to another useful purpose. People could be paid to use exercise bicycles that would power generators that would light entire cities. All vehicles would be either hybrid or electric in their function.

One of the ‘glass-is-half-full’ effects of the pandemic is that there is far less pollution. Dolphins have returned to the once-polluted canals of Venice and people are able to see the mountains without the haze of smog. We have seen what happens when the world is allowed to heal itself and perhaps this will be enough motivation going forward!”