Shocked. That’s the only word for it. Dubois has a late December birthday and has never had a big birthday party before. Those who have birthdays in December know this story well- with all the rush and excitement of the holidays, people with December birthdays don’t seem to get the same energy for their birthday as those further removed from the holidays

But Dubois’ friends wanted to let him know how special he is- that he has friends and support staff who care about him greatly, so they hatched a plan for a surprise party. Everyone was in on it. John Breitenbach, the Director of Community Living kicked off the plan by saying he wanted to see Dubois’s new apartment and have some guy time before they took off for what Dubois thought was going to be a typical holiday get-together. While they were enjoying their guy time, Daryllyn, the manager of the Albany Supportive Living Program, Laura the Program Nurse, Courtney the Assistant Director of the program, and his friends Alice, Christina, Jennifer, and Jessica went to his favorite restaurant, the Capital Buffet on Wolf Rd to get the table ready with his decorations and gifts.

Dubois arrived at the restaurant with John to find all his friends at the table shouting “surprise!” and singing Happy Birthday. His face burst into a joyous smile and it was obvious how touched he was by all the attention. Everyone was thrilled to see how much he enjoyed his party. They ate their meals and as they enjoyed dessert together, the restaurant even played the Happy Birthday song to him on the speakers.

It was undoubtedly a day Dubois will never forget. Thanks to the whole supportive living family for making Dubois’ day so amazing!