When was the last time you got to hold a baby farm animal? If you ask participants of our Saratoga Day Community Opportunity Program, they would tell you “this week!” The team took advantage of Indian Ladder’s Baby Animal Days to have an up close and personal experience with chicks, bunnies, lambs, goat kids, pigs, and more.

Farm staff was there to facilitate the experience, handing the animals to the participants for petting and photo opportunities. While the whole trip was as exciting as it was informative, they particularly enjoyed feeding the chickens and holding baby goats! They even hopped on an old fashion truck for a fun photo opportunity!

You could say that the trip to the farm was really great for everyone’s “moo-d” and scientists would agree. Several studies have shown that petting animals or simply being in their presence can lower blood pressure and therefore reduce anxiety. It has been proven that people have a psychological need for physical touch and petting animals can help build trust, boost our immune system, and reduce stress.

The group would have loved to stay at the farm with the baby animals until the cows came home, leaving didn’t stress them out. They know tomorrow will bring another exciting adventure!