Did you know our College Experience Program at The College of Saint Rose holds summer session classes?

One of the most popular classes this summer was Introduction to Acting Class. The students are drawn to balancing the fun of taking on different roles with the seriousness of practicing and perfecting a craft.  Instructor Emily Padula took her students through the many steps and exercises necessary to become a stronger thespian. Classes focused on lessons such as Script Writing, Improvisation, Body Acting & Movement, and expressing emotions through Charades-like body movements. The semester then culminated with students acting out their scenes while being videotaped.

One of the dramatic scenes involved students acting out a scene in which a rising pop star who was conflicted about her career received a pep talk from her talent manager. Kaylee masterfully portrayed the pop star while Alix was phenomenal as her grizzled and tough-talking mentor.  The students were able to take an empty shell of a character and fill it with life.

We thank instructor Emily Padula for her guidance. Hopefully the students will use acting and its transferrable skills as a springboard for projecting their collective voices in other areas of life.