The beauty of the day was undeniable and abundant, both in nature’s manifestation and artistic representation. Last Saturday’s Stockade Association Art and Nature Garden Tour gave attendees an opportunity to bask in a picture perfect summer day while appreciating the handiwork of the historic neighborhood’s talented gardeners and the botanical beauty they painstakingly cultivated.

The bucolic splendor of the nine private gardens, two public green spaces and two historic church gardens was accentuated by artwork created by Living Resources Arts program featured artists; TJ Casey Katie Kelly, Nick Lyons, and Gillian Mason who attended the show with their staff and family members. In addition, individuals from both our Malta and Schenectady Art Studios participated in the Stockade Garden Show and had their individual artwork featured in various gardens. Many of these art students were in attendance with their families locating their own pieces, showing their support to their classmates and finding inspiration for their next masterpieces. Their excitement was palpable as they meandered through the neighborhood, exploring its rich beauty with peers, staff, and other attendees.

As the anthophiles, floraphiles and other “gardennerds” took in the sights and sounds of the day, they shared their admiration of the artists and their artwork, expressing interest in purchasing select pieces. TJ showcased his characteristic humility along with his paintings as he posed for a photo near a low rock wall. He shared that it was a very beautiful day, saying, “I’m just very happy to have my work displayed.” Fellow artist Debbie enthusiastically announced said, “I sold my picture of a kitty-cat. Isn’t that great?”

We congratulate and thank each of our artists and their instructors for helping enhance the beauty of the Stockade Garden tour. To learn more about the our art program, go to https://livingresources.orgart-program/