Fifteen participants and three staff in our Warren County Day Community Opportunity Program (DCOP) took the two-hour journey into Massachusetts to visit the Berkshire Museum this month. The county’s manager, Hollie Willsey said the trip was well worth it. They spent the full day exploring the museum’s many art, science, and history exhibits, eating lunch at Subway, and enjoying dessert at Ben and Jerry’s, yum!

Hollie said, “It was a wonderful day! They were all so happy there and on the way home and even asked if they could go back again in June, so we will definitely be doing this event again.”

Living Resources’ DCOP has created a neuro-inclusive environment for its participants that fosters community, self-sufficiency, and self-advocacy. It is a “without walls” program offered throughout the Capital/Saratoga Region, as far north as Warren County and as far south as Westchester. Offered to adults 18 years and older, individuals in the program participate in a wide variety of activities throughout their communities including cultural and artistic pursuits, volunteer opportunities, recreational activities, and skill-

building classes such as art, computer instruction, cooking, money management, reading, and travel training. Learn more: https://livingresources.orgday-community-opportunities-program-dcop/