Isn’t it amazing when your passion becomes your profession? Luke has always had a love for animals. When he attended our College Experience program, he chose to focus on the different aspects of pet care for his internships. He started at Grrreendog Grooming and Spa where he learned about canine behavior and the importance of body language and confidence when directing the dogs. His second internship focused on the retail side of pet care while working at Pet Supplies Plus. There he learned the products, stocked the shelves, and assisted customers.

These internships prepared him for graduation (June of 2022) and his first employee role. When he interviewed for a position at PetSmart, he was able to speak knowledgeably about working with animals and pet supplies and he quickly got the job. He can now be found working the front register from 9 am to 1 pm, 12-18 hours per week.

Luke appreciates the family-friendly environment at PetSmart and enjoys seeing the many animals that come in and out of the store. He said, “My coworkers are hilarious. We have a great time and have each other’s backs. I’m proud to be working in a company that is nationwide and supports the LGBTQ community and recognizes women’s history month.” His favorite part of working at PetSmart is giving milk bones to the dogs as they leave their grooming appointments. “I learned verbal commands at Grrreendog which is a transferrable skill that I get to use at PetSmart.”

Supervisor Stephanie Cruz said, “Luke is always asking questions. He’s excited about the dogs and very prideful about his job. He plays with the dogs and gives the customers the type of interaction that PetSmart values.”

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