Brendan, a graduate of Living Resources’ College Experience Program recently celebrated his three-year anniversary working in the Nutrition Department at St Peter’s Hospital in Albany. His duties include cleaning approximately fifteen kitchen spaces and nutrition areas on patient floors, sanitizing handles and microwaves, inspecting foods for expiration dates, and documenting and attesting that the areas he cleaned are compliant with NYS and national hospital regulations and audits.

In addition to his job-related duties, Brendan has reached new personal goals as well including traveling to and from work independently. Additionally, he now shares his knowledge of public transportation and assists the incoming Freshman to the College Experience Program in navigating their community.

Brendan said, “I enjoy my job and cleaning each kitchen unit on the floors. The best part is the people I’ve met while at work every day.”

His job coach Lori shared that while “Covid protocols and changes have certainly made things interesting, Brendan has adjusted to every change and continues to work each week with commitment and a smile.”