Lisa and John Razanousky’s son Joe lives at one of our residences. They shared a photo of Joe which was taken in his back yard by a staff member, saying, “It’s really special.” Lisa went on to say, “This has been a very hard time for us, not being able to see Joe in person since March 18th, so when I saw this picture, I could see that he looks happy and well taken care of.”

Lisa, who also works at Living Resources, says, “We have missed so many holidays. Joe celebrated his third anniversary living at his residence; there was Easter, Passover, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and soon Father’s Day.” Adding to their stress, during the early Zoom chats, Joe seemed to look anxious with all the changes in routine. Concerned that Joe might think that his parents just didn’t want to see him anymore, she contacted his team and they all worked together to help him adjust.

As a result of these communications, their family has a new routine – every night at 7:00 pm, they have a Zoom chat. They ask about Joe’s day and what he ate for dinner. (“There’s a lot of grilling, it sounds delicious. My son eats better than I do.”) They then do a stretching exercise routine and play some music before Joe gets ready for his evening snack.” It’s not the same as it was, but they have all made it work. Lisa commends the staff for all their hard work and compassionate care. “The house manager and staff have been phenomenal. They send pictures that warm our heart. Staff are safety conscious, always wearing masks and checking temperatures every day.”

Lisa has concerns about visiting Joe in person with the distance regulations in place. His old routine involved getting into their car and going to Stewart’s, which isn’t currently an option. She feels at this point, a visit could cause him anxiety or agitation. When they do finally get to have an in-person visit, the Razanouskys hope to make it a party, We are anxiously awaiting the time when we are able to give Joe a great big in-person hug! We will combine all the holidays together with a cake and presents to catch up.”