For the past 24 years, Gwen Singleton has blended working at Living Resources, attending college, and raising her family, earning the title of Mama Gwen in the process. Gwen remembers one time when all but two of the individuals at her residence went home to celebrate the holidays. Desiring that all her individuals have a family holiday experience, Gwen asked for permission to take the two individuals to her house to share the special day with her own family. Everyone had a fantastic time and an extended family was born. Gwen began taking her entire group to all of her children’s sports events. They quickly became honorary team members and were invited to all the various parties and celebrations. Life events such as birthdays and graduations are all celebrated as a beautiful blended family, they have even gone camping together.

One memory that stands out for Gwen was the time her residents threw her a surprise baby shower. One of her individuals gave her a sports-related present that touched her so deeply it made her cry. She said, “For me, it was very beautiful and I felt so honored and loved.”

Gwen said, “Working at Living Resources is not a job to me, I truly love them as family. They call me Mama Gwen. Whatever it takes to make their day happy at that moment within my powers, I will do it.”

Working for Living Resources, Gwen has held job titles of Direct Support Professional, Team Leader, Site Supervisor, and House Manager all while attending college and raising children. She says, “I’ve done everything I needed to do for myself and my family while still making a living for my household.”