Our CEO Elizabeth Martin got her first COVID 19 Vaccination and encouraging anyone she speaks with to do so when they are eligible!

She said, “I’m doing this for myself and others. I have hope that in the months to come, the data will show being vaccinated not only protects me but helps prevent me from accidentally giving someone else COVID.

I’m doing this because I’ve become incredibly impatient. I want this pandemic to end. I’m sick and tired of masks, social distancing and Zoom. And I’m sick and tired of the unbelievable stress this pandemic has had on our staff and the individuals we serve. I want this pandemic over ASAP – and getting vaccinated as soon as we can is our pathway back to hugs, parties, sporting events and all the other wonderful joys of life!”


(Image description: Selfie of smiling Elizabeth in her car. She’s proudly holding up her CDC COVID vaccination card.)