In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Living Resources is highlighting the accomplishments of individuals supported through our Employment Services program. Let’s meet Zach and learn more!

Price Chopper warehouse worker Zach is becoming a pro at perseverance. During his first try riding a pallet jack, he struggled to remember everything he had to accomplish, but once he got a second attempt on a slow Saturday, everything clicked! He says the person training him was patient and even made an obstacle course challenge for him to tackle.

Zach’s internship at Price Chopper’s Resource Recovery warehouse in Rotterdam happened in the spring of 2022. He was then hired as a part-time worker the following winter. “As an intern, I only did bottles, but now I’m on the same level as most people,” shares Zach, “I’m at the most dangerous level, riding the pallet jack.”

Manager Dave and supervisor Kenny say Zach gets along with everyone at the work site and is always ready to take on tasks, as long as he is given direction. “He doesn’t say no. He just says, ‘Okay, Sir!’ He’s one of the guys. Everybody likes him. He’s gelled in pretty comfortably.”

Zach says he appreciates the level of support he gets from his job coach and his co-workers. He is currently taking GED courses and wants to continue learning and growing at the warehouse.

He says, “I plan on staying until I’m 70 or something.”

Living Resources’ Employment Program assists individuals with disabilities as they pursue meaningful career opportunities. The mission is to help people achieve independence and self-sufficiency by ensuring individualized supports are provided on the job site through partnerships with scores of businesses across the Capital Region. To learn more, visit: https://livingresources.orgservices/employment-services/