The isolation of COVID 19 helped Kevin look inward and discover that he had more potential than he previously thought and summon the courage to pursue more challenging opportunities. Kevin started working at the Albany Med Warehouse, which provides Albany Med and its practice sites with inventory to restock their locations with needed supplies. There, Kevin does a great job locating and picking out the required items, and is always spot on with his order fulfillment. He is proud that he is helping make sure that people get the medical care they need while earning a paycheck so that he doesn’t have to rely on the government to pay his bills.

Kevin feels very well supported at Albany Med. His supervisors trust that he will do his assignments correctly, and he is comfortable asking for help when needed. Kevin said, “I have more responsibilities now than I ever had before and am happier now too.”

Heather McNeill, Warehouse Manager – Supply Chain at Albany Med said, “The warehouse team has enjoyed the partnership with Living Resources, job coach Koryn, and the interns, providing hands-on training for career opportunities in warehousing and supply chain.  Kevin is a very bright young man and we are happy to have him on our team at Albany Med.”

Thanks to his disability employment team Kevin is now thriving, both personally and professionally.