Molly F. began her VENT Fitness career as an intern in their Latham branch while attending Living Resources College Experience Program. As part of her position, Molly was responsible for helping to keep the equipment sanitized and cleaned. Since the pandemic, this position is extremely valuable in helping to maintain the health of everyone at the gym.

Molly’s internship ended recently when she was hired as a VENT Fitness employee. Molly’s manager Kim shared that “after COVID, it was really difficult to find staff. I reflected back on family members with disabilities and thought about how I would like them to have career opportunities. Working with Living Resources College Program allowed Molly to learn the ropes as an intern before she became our employee, which made the hiring process so easy. Molly is just a perfect match! We love having Molly, she has such a great personality, fits right into our team and she really wants to work!”

We asked Molly what is her favorite part of working at VENT, she gave us her top three reasons: 1) I like to clean; 2) I like my coworkers, Steph & T; and 3) I like getting PAID!

Thank you to our VENT family for providing wonderful internship opportunities and paid positions for our college students.

We sincerely appreciate you!