Jesse Saperstein, a Living Resources employee, autism awareness advocate, and person with Asperger’ Syndrome is excited to share his COVID -19 vaccination journey to inspire others to “Have a Heart, Do Your Part and Get Your Shot.” Jesse works as a Habilitation Liaison and Creative Writing Instructor and he is a member of our training staff. As such, he qualified for an immunization. On a personal level, Jesse decided to get the vaccination to keep his individuals safe, saying, “I work for an agency where it can easily spread due to the group living situation. I don’t want to give the virus to someone who may not survive.”

Jesse chronicled his vaccination experience to help ease any concerns people may have. He assured, “Getting the vaccines was a very easy experience. I was able to drive myself home immediately afterwards with no troubles.” By evening, for both doses, his arm grew sore, and he felt some fatigue. “It was nothing to be alarmed about, I knew the vaccine was doing its job.” He experienced some side effects for the next day or so, but said, “The biggest side effect was optimism as well as a sense of helping to exterminate this pandemic.”

He said “After a whole year of quarantining, being away from my family, missing my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and everything else, I finally have a vaccine!

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